On-Premise Online Video Platform

Do you want to develop your online video service at a lower cost and operate it reliably? If yes, you need OvenVideo because it already has all the functions such as VoD Upload, Transcoding, Delivery, Content Management, Live Channel Management, NVoD Channel Management, and DVR. It is simple. You have to interlock OvenVideo's APIs. Now, you choose OvenVideo and focus more on your business.

Customizable On-Premise Online Video Platform

OvenVideo is a collection of all our products and know-how, including Transcoders, Live encoders, Video players and more. And the most important thing about this product is that you can customize it to suit your situation or conditions.


Manage Content

OvenVideo provides Upload, Thumbnail extraction, Transcoding, DRM encryption, Delivery, Publishing, and Statistic to help you manage your content.

Manage Live

OvenVideo provides Live delivery, DRM encryption, Recording, Live transcoding, Adaptive streaming, and Statistic for easy live management.

Manage Platform

OvenVideo provides Monitoring and Management of System, Network, Application to efficiently manage your platform.


OvenVideo offers Schedule management, VoD/Live cross-programming, and Live delivery for NVoD.

Player SDK

The video player applied to OvenVideo provides Mobile Player SDK and HTML5 Player SDK.

Encoder SDK

The encoder applied to OvenVideo provides Mobile Camera Encoder SDK and Enterprise Live Encoder.

External CDN

OvenVideo can interwork with your CDNs such as CloudFront, Akamai, and SK Broadband.

External DRM

OvenVideo can interlock with your DRM systems such as DRMToday and Pallycon.


All the features of OvenVideo are provided as APIs and can easily interoperate.

If you want to use the OvenVideo demo, please contact us

※ Due to the nature of this product, face-to-face support from our developer is required, so we will sell it only in South Korea for the time being.


OvenVideo is an OVP that has developed 13 years of media technology accumulated by AirenSoft.
Structure of OvenVideo

OvenVideo is using extensively

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