Media Technology Experts Group

We are a group of media technology experts devoted to research and development for 13 years. Also, we have committed to developing sub-second latency streaming solutions for the last 6 years. Our mission is to build a powerful media world by making it easier for everyone to use all the complex and demanding media technologies of the world.


Original Technology

The Original Technology Team, which is the core of our company, belongs to the company-affiliated lab. And they talk and research deeply about media technologies every day.

The purpose of this team is to study and develop media technologies continually and to open the door for us to expand using this technology.


The Development Team utilizes the technology developed by the Original Technology Team to make solutions or products in a form that people can use.

The reason for this team is to universalize the technologies that we have been worked hard to analyze and research so that everyone can easily approach them.


The Business Team is in the right place. So we are suggesting directions for research topics, planning products, and most importantly, introducing and selling technology to people.

The goal of this team is to create a steady revenue and make a good environment for all of us in my company to develop something reliably.

The reason why we study and disseminate media technologies in 3 stages is that we are always in deadly earnest about media technology topics

We are grateful for working with us to develop our technologies or use our products.
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If you want your media service to be better than yesterday, don't hesitate to contact us


We have walked this way to maintain our attitude and realize our vision, and we will always show differentiated technologies

 Apr 2023, We participated in NAB Show 2023 in Las Vegas, NV, United States

 Dec 2022, We participated in Softwave 2022 in Seoul, Korea

 Dec 2022, We received an award from the Prime Minister of Korea at the Korea Software Awards

 Sep 2022, We received an award from the Minister of Science and ICT of Korea at the Korea Software Awards

 Jul 2022, OvenMediaEngine has been certified as Good Software Level 1 by TTA in Korea

 Jun 2022, We participated in KOBA Show 2022 in Seoul, Korea

 Jun 2022, We have partnered with THEO Technologies, a global video playback technology company

 May 2022, We have signed an MOU with Squad X, a media commerce company in Korea

 Nov 2021, We have launched the OvenMediaEngine CDN with GS Neotek, the largest CDN company in Korea

 Dec 2020, We have been awarded as a Good Partner by SK Telecom, the largest telecom company in Korea

 Sep 2019, We participated in IBC 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

 Apr 2019, We participated in NAB Show 2019 in Las Vegas, NV, United States

 Oct 2018, We have joined as a member of the SRT Alliance

 May 2018, OvenAsset has been certified as Good Software Level 1 by TTA in Korea

 May 2018, We participated in KOBA Show 2018 in Seoul, Korea

 Dec 2017, We have been awarded as a Good Partner by SK Telecom, the largest telecom company in Korea

 Feb 2016, We participated in MWC 2016 with SK Telecom in Barcelona, Spain

 Dec 2015, We have been selected as one of Korea's Top 10 Small Giants Companies by Ajou University

 Apr 2014, We have become a Venture Company registered in KIBO and KOSME in Korea

 Mar 2014, We have established a Company-Affiliated Laboratory and are certified by KOITA in Korea

 May 2010, We have founded AirenSoft, a media technology experts group, in Korea