OvenMediaEngine Support

Free or Paid Technical Support and Consulting services for OvenMediaEngine

Elevate your OvenMediaEngine service with OvenMediaEngine Support. Engage the services of our proficient OvenMediaEngine top developers to assist you with troubleshooting, optimization, and enhancement of your streaming service. With our paid support, you'll get the best effort response time within guaranteed hours, so you can resolve any issues quickly and get back to streaming. Don't let technical issues hold you back – let us help you deliver the best streaming experience to your viewers.

Support Program for Supporters and Sponsors

We truly appreciate your sponsorship of our open-source project.
As a team, we've always been looking for ways to express our appreciation for the countless sponsors who contribute to our open-source projects. The OvenMediaEngine developers have launched a new program tailored to meet the needs of our sponsors. If you'd like quicker and more direct support, we encourage you to become a sponsor.











10 LTS Package Licenses Included ($100 / Additional License)

After Consultation

Scope Technical Support Technical Support Technical Support and Consulting

Technical Support, Consulting, Installation Support, and Post-launch with Initial Monitoring Support

The Enterprise Plan includes all items of the Professional Plan. You can customize OvenMediaEngine support to your specific needs by discussing the agreement period, support content, and scope through partnerships or special contracts.

※ Please note that discounts are available for bulk purchases or annual contracts

Channel GitHub Discussions Email Email and Slack

Email, Slack, Emergency Phone, and Remote Support for LTS Package (SSH)

※ We offer Phone-support solely in the Korean language

Response Times

Public Forum

Best efforts will be made to respond within 16 to 36 business hours (GMT+9)

  • P1: 16 business hours
  • P2: 24 business hours
  • P3: 46 business hours

Best efforts will be made to respond within 8 to 24 business hours (GMT+9)

  • P1: 8 business hours
  • P2: 16 business hours
  • P3: 24 business hours

Best efforts will be made to respond within 2 to 8 business hours (GMT+9)

  • P1: 2 hours (24/7)
  • P2: 4 business hours
  • P3: 8 business hours
Benefits Get answers from a variety of contributors Priority response on GitHub Discussions Priority response on GitHub Discussions

Long-term Support (LTS) Package

  • Quick Release: Fast bug fix deployment.
  • Guaranteed updates throughout subscription period.
  • RPM or Docker Image.
  • Commercial license (not AGPLv3).

Discussion and Prioritization of new feature development for our roadmap

Priority response on GitHub Discussions

    Priority Level
    • P1 (Priority 1): Critical issue or outage that has a severe impact on the system, causing a complete or significant loss of functionality.
    • P2 (Priority 2): Significant issue or outage that has a moderate impact on the system, causing a partial loss of functionality.
    • P3 (Priority 3): Minor issue or outage that has a low impact on the system, causing a minor loss of functionality.
    Business Days
    • From Monday to Friday, except on holidays observed in South Korea.
    Business Hours
    • From 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Korea Standard Time - KST, GMT+9) on Business Days.

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