Open-Source Sub-Second Latency Streaming Solution with LLHLS and WebRTC

The latency of 30 seconds or more in a typical unidirectional broadcast is not an issue. However, this s different for the interactive video streaming service because the viewer actively participates should be immediately reflected in the broadcast. The reasons for the latency in streaming is very diverse and difficult to solve. Now, OvenMediaEngine with our know-how can solve these problems at once.


OvenMediaEngine (OME) is an Open-Source Sub-Second Latency Streaming Server using LLHLS and WebRTC. OME supports you can create platforms/services/systems that live stream to large audiences of hundreds or more with sub-second latency and be scalable, depending on the number of concurrent viewers.


OvenPlayer is an Open-Source JavaScript-based LLHLS and WebRTC Player for OvenMediaEngine. OvenPlayer automatically plays with WebRTC, Low Latency HLS, MPEG-DASH, and RTMP for your browser environment. It also supports WebRTC Signaling from OME and includes various functions as the media player.



OME is transparent and reliable because it is open source. So you can use and edit it for free and get help from the community or customize this solution.

Sub-Second Latency

OME uses various protocols to support many streaming environments. They are WebRTC, Low Latency HLS (LLHLS), and MPEG-DASH.

Live Transcoder

OME has embedded Live Transcoder because browsers support a few codecs. So you can use VP8, H.264, Opus, AAC, and Pass-through.

Streaming Server

OME has the Origin-Edge structure that works by domain pattern matching to handle high-volume streaming and scaling.

HTML5 Player

OvenPlayer is most optimized player for OvenMediaEngine. It also provides a web-view for the mobile.

Ease of Use

OME supports various platforms to install and use it such as Docker, Ubuntu 18+, CentOS 7+, and Fedora 28+.

Workflow of OvenMediaEngine and OvenPlayer

Workflow of OvenMediaEngine Workflow of OvenPlayer

"How many concurrent users can OvenMediaEngine accommodate?"

We now provide a way to test and fine-tune the WebRTC performance of OvenMediaEngine for your environment and purpose. We used our testing tool, OvenRtcTester, to easily simulate a situation where we connected thousands of players to the OvenMediaEngine, and the results were stable.

Good-Software Level1 Certification

OvenMediaEngine has been tested for Functional suitability, Performance efficiency, Usability, Reliability, and Security by TTA based on international standards (ISO/IEC 25023, 25041, and 25051) and has been certified Good-Software Level 1.

Minister of Science and ICT Award Prime Minister Award

Korea Software Awards

OvenMediaEngine proved its technological prowess by winning the Minister of Science and ICT Award and the Prime Minister Award of the Republic of Korea at the Korea Software Award 2022.

OvenPlayer Demo

OvenSpace Demo

※ OvenSpace is an Open-Source Web Video Conferencing Example, developed with OvenMediaEngine and OvenPlayer

Sub-Second Latency Streaming Solution

You can get the most powerful streaming solution with sub-second latency. Our products are designed to work in the best possible conditions by being tightly connected.


OvenMediaEngine and OvenPlayer are Open-Source. Therefore, you can freely use OvenMediaEngine under the AGPLv3 and OvenPlayer under the MIT license. However, please feel free to email us if you need another license.
Also, if you need technical support while using our open-source, please visit AirenSoft's GitHub Issues. Our developers and contributors are here to help you.

How to contribute?

If you would like to contribute to OvenMediaEngine and OvenPlayer by developing, finding/fixing bugs, testing, and more. Please feel free to visit AirenSoft's GitHub and contribute to the Sub-Seocnd Latency Streaming Projects.
Also, if you would like to continue developing AirenSoft's open-source project, or OvenMediaEngine is helping your business, please support us through the GitHub Sponsors and Open Collective. This communal fund is transparent, publicly visible, and is used to develop the our projects.

More and more partners are using OvenMediaEngine and OvenPlayer

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Do you need OvenMediaEngine for business?

Literally, OvenMediaEngine Enterprise is the Enterprise Edition of OvenMediaEngine. There are no functional differences between Open-Source and Enterprise Edition, but OvenMediaEngine Enterprise includes a Commercial License, Commercial Codec, Private Technical Support, Maintenance, Web Console, and more.