Open-Source and Fully-Featured Low-Latency Live Streaming Server

OvenMediaEngine (OME) is Fully-Featured Streaming Server that can stream high-definition live streams over WebRTC and Low Latency HLS (LLHLS) to hundreds of thousands of viewers with sub-second latency. OME can ingest live streams over WebRTC, WHIP, SRT, RTMP, RTSP, and MPEG2-TS protocols, encode them to ABR with the embedded live transcoder, and stream them to viewers over LLHLS and WebRTC. With OvenMediaEngine, you can build your powerful and sub-second latency media service very easily.


OvenPlayer is Open-Source and Player Library that can play WebRTC and LLHLS streams optimized for OvenMediaEngine. It provides various APIs, so you can build and operate your media service more easily.


OvenLiveKit is Open-Source and WebRTC Streaming Encoder for OvenMediaEngine. It relies on the browser's WebRTC API and wraps it to make it easy for you to broadcast WebRTC streams to OME.


OvenSpace is a demo service using OvenMediaEngine as a streaming server, OvenPlayer as a player, and OvenLiveKit as a live streaming encoder. This service allows 9 broadcasters to broadcast at the same time, and a large number of people can watch. It is also released as an open-source.

OvenSpace Demo


Sub-Second Latency Streaming

OME delivers live streams in Sub-Seconds Latency using WebRTC and LLHLS

Adaptive Bitrates (ABR)

Live transcoder embedded in OME that supports ABR of WebRTC and LLHLS

High Scalability Structure

Origin-Edge cluster can scale to accommodate increasing broadcast and viewers

Various Ingest Protocols

OME supports various ingest protocols such as WebRTC, SRT, RTMP, MPEG-2 TS, and RTSP Pull

REST API for Integration

OME provides REST API for various features such as Access control and Monitoring to integration with your media service

Essential Features for Building Media Services

OME includes various functions such as Live Rewind, Recording, Thumbnail, Retransmission, and Access Control

Workflow of OvenMediaEngine

Workflow of OvenMediaEngine

And OvenPlayer

Workflow of OvenPlayer
Good Software Level 1

Good-Software Level 1 Certification

OvenMediaEngine has been tested for Functional suitability, Performance efficiency, Usability, Reliability, and Security by TTA based on international standards (ISO/IEC 25023, 25041, and 25051) and has been certified Good-Software Level 1.

Minister of Science and ICT Award Prime Minister Award

Korea Software Awards

OvenMediaEngine proved its technological prowess by winning the Minister of Science and ICT Award and the Prime Minister Award of the Republic of Korea at the Korea Software Award 2022.

We offer the Fully Packaged OvenMediaEngine for Enterprise tailored to your needs for those who need customization, commercial licenses, and more

※ If you require Custom Development and Deployment, Commercial Licenses, Long-Term Support (LTS), and more,
please refer to the Professional (Platinum Sponsor) and Enterprise sections on the OvenMediaEngine Support page.

More and more partners are using OvenMediaEngine, OvenPlayer, and OvenLiveKit

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