OvenStudio LLHLS

Low-Latency HLS Streaming Server for the Cloud

OvenStudio LLHLS is a powerful Low Latency Streaming Server for the Cloud, leveraging OvenMediaEngine, OvenPlayer, and OvenLiveKit's features. It offers seamless integration with the Cloud and CDN, allowing for automated deployment and scalability. If you're streaming service needs interactive, it provides the features and tools. Embrace the power of low-latency streaming with OvenStudio LLHLS and deliver exceptional experiences to your viewers!

Low-Latency HLS Streaming Server for the Cloud

Workflow of OvenStudio LLHLS

Structure of OvenStudio LLHLS

OvenStudio LLHLS Interface

OvenStudio LLHLS offers a cost-effective streaming server solution

※ The software price of OvenStudio LLHLS is significantly lower, ranging from 60-70% less than other comparable products.

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Low Latency Streaming

OvenStudio LLHLS supports Low Latency HLS (LLHLS) streaming, delivering low latency video/audio playback to viewers.

Web Console

OvenStudio LLHLS provides a user-friendly web console, offering an intuitive and easy-to-use GUI for efficient management and monitoring of streaming workflows.

Adaptive Bitrate

OvenStudio LLHLS supports Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR), dynamically adjusting the video quality based on viewers' network conditions.

Various Ingress Protocols

OvenStudio LLHLS offers various ingress protocols, including WebRTC, WHIP, RTMP, and SRT.

Cloud-based Deployment

OvenStudio LLHLS offers an automated installation process on the Cloud, allowing easy deployment and scalability.

Seamless Integration with CDN

OvenStudio LLHLS seamlessly integrates with Content Delivery Network (CDN), enabling efficient content distribution.

Designed for the Cloud

OvenStudio LLHLS can simplify the installation process with automation and integrates seamlessly with hard-to-manage CDNs. Anyone can set up their streaming server and provide stable low-latency streaming.

Package for On-Premise

OvenStudio LLHLS's package is designed for individuals and organizations who prefer to install and utilize the low-latency streaming server on their servers or internal infrastructure.

What scale of low-latency streaming server are you planning to deploy?

※ For the stability of the service, this guide has been prepared based on tests that maintained CPU usage below 70%.

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